Wet Vs Dry Flies

Wet Vs Dry Flies

What is the Difference between Wet and Dry Flies?

Fly types can essentially be classified into two main categories. Wet Flies and Dry Flies.

The difference can be understood by their names. On the one hand, wet flies sit under the water. The resemble insects that grow and live below the water surface before hatching and floating to the surface. They can also imitate larger creatures such as leeches, crawfish and smaller fish that are found in streams and rivers. They can be emergers, nymphs, streamers and imitate hatching flies or other types of larger bait. On the other hand, dry flies sit on top of the water. They represent insects that fish feed on which land on top of the water. Dry flies resemble resemble full-grown flies, rodents, insects, etc.

When Should I Use a Wet Fly instead of a Dry?

Now that you know the difference between Wet Vs Dry Flies, lets look at some pros and cons.

Most anglers begin fly fishing using wet flies as they are easer to cast than dry flies which require one to make it land on the water perfectly to make it look as natural as possible to the fish. Thus when using wet flies, you can get away with making a lot of casting mistakes since the fish you are targeting would usually be much deeper in the water. Fish that are deeper in the water also tend to feel more safer and therefore not as cautious as when they are close to the surface. Thus they tend to go after the fly much more often.

Wet flies can always catch fish, but it takes extra observation to determine what to use.

There isn’t a perfect time to fish streamers. They’re always going to have success. Even in the midst of a hatch, trout will feast on a streamer. Trout will bite streamers in the heat of the day. As long as they’re presented well, the fish will strike! Streamers imitate minnows, crawfish, along with a few other baits.

When fishing with streamers, be prepared for aggressive strikes! Trout know that it’ll take an aggressive attack to finish off whatever they think your streamer is, so keep the fly line tight!

Now that you know the difference between Wet Vs Dry Flies, shop for